Surviving Unemployment: Job Loss Grief Part II

In the play Annie, a small orphan longs for the day when all will be well.  Each day Annie looks forward to tomorrow when the sun will shine.  She doesn’t get discouraged because tomorrow is only a day away.  The unemployed also look to tomorrow when things will be well—they will be working.  However like Annie, tomorrow is closer than you think.  Through the Job Loss Recovery Program, the sun will shine brighter tomorrow.

Enjoying the sun and feeling free.

The Job Loss Recovery Program (JLRP) is the product of Lynn Joseph, Ph.D.  It is the result of her doctoral research.  Dr. Lynn Joseph researched the effect of guided visualization on re-employment for the unemployed subjects in her study.  Using the standard test method of dividing a group of test subjects in two, and giving members of one group a placebo and members of the other group the actual product, she found that approximately 62 percent of the subjects given the actual product found employment within 2 months after the study.  Of the members in the placebo group only 12 percent found employment in the same time frame.  The 62 percent receiving jobs did so without any loss of salary.

The JLRP allows you to move through the stages of job loss grief: “shock and denial; fear, anxiety, anger, bargaining; depression and finally acceptance.” Once you have arrived at acceptance you are ready for a job search by boosting your self-confidence and self-esteem; showing you how to take control of your future; and helping you prepare for interviews.  When you have learned these skills, finding a job quickly can be the outcome.

With JLRP “you will empower yourself with new tools to heal wounds, to create success and happiness, and even to find meaning and purpose.” These tools will show you how to use the deep connection between mind and body to achieve your goals.  Tools very similar to the ones in JLRP used by top athletes such as Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan to achieve the success they enjoy in their respective sports.  And like most skills, they need to be practiced in order to realized the desired results.  However, these powerful tools are easy to use and are very relaxing.  Once mastered, they can be used anytime and anywhere even before an interview.  They are simple but very effective.

The unemployed don’t have Daddy Warbucks to save the day, but they do have Dr. Lynn Joseph to provide them with a way to overcome their job loss grief.  Her program will have the sun shining on you in a very short period of time.

Arleen Bradley is a certified career coach and job loss recovery specialist coaching beyond job loss grief to land dream jobs.

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