One Really Good Tip To End Your Job Search: A Cover Letter That Says Pick Me

graur razvan ionut  pick me

In an earlier post, I talked about the debate over cover letters.  There are some people who say that the cover letter is unnecessary and others say it is necessary.  It’s up to you to decide what you want to do.  If you opt for a cover letter, there are several styles to choose from.  Today I am talking about the two-column or T cover letter.

The advantage of the 2 column cover letter is that it clearly shows your compatibility for the position.  The first and last paragraphs contain the usual introductory and closing information.  The second paragraph is actually a 2 column table with requirements of the positions and your skills and experience that match their requirements.


Your Requirements                                                                        My Experience

List 4 or 5 of their requirements                                                   Show your experience that meets their needs

where you are a stand out     


The 2 column cover letter is a great way for job changers to highlight their experience with the needs of the employer when the job changer’s title doesn’t match that of the job opening.  It focuses on the functional skills and shows what you are capable of doing.  This format also repeats the words used in the job posting which shows the reader that you paid attention to their needs.

The 2 column cover letter is visually inviting to the reading because there is plenty of white space and the reader can clearly see the connections between their requirements and your experience at only a glance.  And the reader is only going to spend a few seconds looking at the cover letter.  Your offerings jump out from the page.

If you want an attention-getting cover letter the 2 column or T cover letter fits the bill.  The table in the middle of the letter is a visual invitation to read at least the information included in the table.  When the reader sees the match between you and their requirements, you have a better chance at getting your résumé read.  And that’s the purpose of the cover letter. 

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