How desperate are you for a job? Desperate enough to sit in a store front window?


That’s what’s going on in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Frustrated job searchers are sitting in a storefront window with a brief summary of their qualifications.  And maybe a lucky charm or two for luck.


It’s an idea that has caught on with over 260 people who applied to be one of the selected to sit in a window proclaiming to the passersby in the busy section of the city that they are available for work.  The women in the red light district of the city also sit in store front windows advertising their availability.  However, the job searchers are lawyers and other professionals in this scheme.


You can enter the store to talk with the window sitters, look them up on LinkedIn or scan a QR code on a smart phone and be sent to a Facebook page with more information about the current sitter.  To pass the time the window sitters do their regular job search activities. 


The idea seems to be taking off as the organizers have had to add more weeks to the program to accommodate the demand from job searchers.  One woman received 359 hits on her Facebook page and a job.  So far 3 have obtained jobs using this method in less than 2 days. 


Would this work in the USA?  Would you sit in a window for a few hours in the hopes that you will get a job?  Please share your thoughts on this with others in the comment section below.


Clicking on the photo will take you to the article in the May 8, 2013 Wall Street Journal.



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