One Really Good Tip to End Your Job Search: Stay Current with Technology.

A member of my networking group found her dream job. It had all the skills she was looking to use, the company is strong and growing, and she could see herself in that role. She carefully crafted the perfect resume that succeedflip phoneded in getting her a coveted interview.

The interview was going well. She was even willing to work the early shift to be able to communicate with her European colleagues. That would mean she would avoid the morning and evening commute. Then they asked her if she preferred an Android phone or an iPhone. She told them she didn’t know how to use either one.

She left the interview feeling hopeful. Her skills matched the position, they seemed to like her, and she liked them. However, she has not heard from them. The interview was over a month ago. Looking back on the interview, the only thing she can point to is her lack of knowing current smart phone technology.

Her flip phone with texting has worked perfectly for her all these years. Unemployed, she hasn’t had the funds to upgrade. But this may have been what cost her a job. A job she truly wanted and was qualified for. Understandably, this may have not the reason. But at the age of 50+, not knowing about current cell phone technology, could have led the company to think she wasn’t up to date on other things.

How old is your cell phone? Will it matter in a job interview? If you haven’t updated your cell phone to a smart phone, don’t worry. Simply go to mobile phone store and ask for a demonstration on all the current phones. I suggest going in on a weekday morning, you don’t want to take sales away from anyone. Ask questions such as what’s the difference between the two, which is better, what are apps, which ones are reputable, and how reliable are the phones. As you go along, you will find more questions to ask.

You don’t have to buy one, but having some information about them can mean the difference between getting a job and not hearing from the company ever again. Be ready to learn about other technologies that have come into the market place, so you don’t miss out on your dream job.

How is my friend? She realized she needed to keep up with technology. She now owns an iPad and has been on Google Hangouts. What are Hangouts? Maybe you should do some checking into technology people are using.

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  1. Nicola's Gravatar Nicola
    May 12, 2013 - 3:47 am | Permalink

    I used an old flip phone for over 8 years and it served me very well, until I started an entrepreneurial venture when it became obvious that it couldn’t do what I needed. After struggling on for a few months, I gave in and got an iphone. Frankly I couldn’t believe the difference!! I’d avoided upgrading for such a long time, but in reality, the new phone has completely changed my life. I wish I’d done it sooner! Great post, thanks!

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