A Quick Win for Your Holiday Job Search

Seasonal retail customer service jobs are great for extra income.

Seasonal retail customer service jobs are great for extra income.

It’s that time again; the holiday season.  For some job searchers,  it means time off from the job search.  But the wisest job searchers know that the holiday season is as good as any other time to be successful in the job search.

For the next few weeks, this blog will focus on your holiday job search. I will be sharing information about how to use holiday gatherings as networking events; how to stay sane during this stressful time; how and why you should continue your job search and more.   

Today, I will give information about seasonal jobs.   This is a time when many people hire temporary help for the season.  Most of the seasonal jobs are retail or mall related.  If you are wondering why I would start with this topic, it is because there is still time to find a retail sales or related job before Black Friday.

One of most popular jobs is retail sales.  Stores hire seasonal employees to cater to the increase in sales and store hours.  In addition to having people on the sales floor to help customers, there is a need for people to fill shelves, greet customers, or wrap gifts.

If you are interested in a retail job, finding one is easy.  Stop by any store you’re in interested in.  Most all types of stores are hiring so whether you are interested in fashion, electronics, or any other specialty there is a retail job for you.  Working at a store that you enjoy shopping in will make the experience at least something you are comfortable with.  You will know and understand the product line.

In addition to the extra money, there are benefits from working a retail seasonal job.  Benefits from working a retail job include an employee discount.  Most stores offer their employees a percentage off for the items they buy.  Hopefully, the people on your list will appreciate the products sold at the store.  You will meet many people.  People you might be able to connect with after the holidays.   The next customer you help maybe someone you know.  Working will also help build up your self-esteem and confidence.  That will help after the holidays when you continue your job search.

Of course, there are downsides.  Your feet may not like you at the end of your shift.  And the shifts maybe nights and weekends, so your time will be limited.  But it’s only for a short time unless you are one of the lucky ones who will be asked to stay off after the holiday season is over.

Before you apply for any job, research the company to see what their policies and procedures are.  Talk to current or former employees; look at their website, and do an internet search.  I have done retail

work for many years and have enjoyed working with customers.  The companies I have worked for treat their employees fairly and with respect.   If you are collecting unemployment benefits, check to see what the restrictions are.

My next blog will deal with non-retail temporary seasonal jobs.  Some you will expect, others are somewhat unique. 

How can I help you in your job search?

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