Are you stuck and overwhelmed in your job search?

Are you stuck in your job search or find it overwhelming?

Are you stuck in your job search or find it overwhelming?

I have seen it so many times.  People want to move on but can’t.  They feel stuck and overwhelmed.  They are sort of making the right motions to getting a job, but their hearts just aren’t in it.  Maybe this is where you are.  And you probably don’t understand why you feel the way you do.  You want and need a job, but you have many excuses for not fully embracing an all-out job search.  You may find reasons not to network, to not apply for jobs, feel your resume isn’t good enough or don’t know exactly what you want to do.

It’s understandable if you were employed for a long time at your former employer, and  you were separated from the company involuntarily.  It is normal and natural to feel like this under these circumstances. 

You were once the newbie, but that was so long ago, you have forgotten that you quickly became part of the team.  You grew into your position over the years.  New duties were added gradually as were new technologies.   Perhaps you were given training when things changed, and you were allowed time to get used to them. 

During your unemployment, your confidence and esteem has taken a beating.  Not hearing anything after you send a résumé; not getting the job after you “aced” the interview, and the emotional roller coaster of anticipation and rejection have played a part in the deterioration of your self-worth.  Since you haven’t used your job related skills lately, you suspect they are either weak or gone.  You could also believe that you’re not up-to-date with the technology or changes in the field. 

The uncertainty of the job market offers you another challenge.  You know people who have gotten jobs that didn’t last long and/or were disasters from the get go.  I know many people who obtained jobs only to be laid off  again.  People have told me of their experiences in new jobs where there high expectations, little training, unreasonable hours, low pay, and other employees were difficult to work with.

Fears of being the newbie, your skills are lacking, and losing your job again are typical.  While you are eager for financial security, the fears are holding you back.   You probably can’t express your feelings and that this article has opened your eyes to what you are actually experiencing.  But realize you are not alone.  While not everyone goes through this, there are many people feeling the same as you. 

There are ways to overcome these feelings.  Tomorrow I will share 10 ways to regain your confidence and conquer the fears that are holding you back.  You are better than you think you are and are capable of doing whatever you set your mind to.  I believe in you, and so will you.



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  1. Michelle Bellemare's Gravatar Michelle Bellemare
    November 9, 2013 - 10:20 am | Permalink

    Hi Arleen, Thanks for sharing this article. I think I’m at this point. Would love to hear more helpful tips for getting past it.

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