Conquering Holiday Job Search Stress Part II

Festive Woman in Red Santa HatIn my last post, I gave 8 tips to reduce your stress this holiday season.  Stress while unemployed is normal.  Stress during the holidays is also normal.  But combine the two and you have more than your share of stress.  Below I have continued with more suggestions to reduce stress. 

 1.)  Ask for help from others to do things you usually do.  Share the tasks, you aren’t the only one that can or should do everything.  Things may not be done to your exacting standards, but they will be done.  Remember you are also lowering your expectations.

2.)  Eat healthy and in moderation.  The rich, high calories foods available at this time of the year lead to eater’s guilt in January when the pounds are tallied.   The same goes for alcohol which has its own issues when consumed in large quantities.  Exercise will clear the cobwebs, give you more energy, and reduce stress.  A brisk walk in the fresh, crisp air will do wonders for your attitude and spirit.
3.)  Look for the positive in your situation.  This is tough I know.  Hopelessness and success can be self-fulfilling prophecies.  Pick the one you want  and work toward it.
4.)  Avoid toxic people that suck the life right out of you.  This is going to be the most difficult thing I am asking you to do.  I know that the some of the toxic people are precisely people you are doing everything for.  Try to limit your exposure to them or look at the world through their eyes.  What has caused them to be the way they are?

5.)  Keep your temper in check.  Count to ten, twenty, or 1 million until you feel calmer and won’t over react.  Everyone is stressed at this point.  Blowing up won’t solve anything, in fact, it will make things worse.  Step away from the situation and breathe deeply.  If words need to be shared, do so calmly and rationally.  The results will be better.

6.)  Enjoy the season’s food, entertainment, events, meeting new and old acquaintances.  This is a social season. There will festive food that comes out only at this time of the year.  Enjoy-but in moderation. Listen to your favorite holiday music and sing along to your heart’s delight.  Or watch the holiday movie that makes you laugh or inspires you.   Enjoy the opportunity to meet new and fascinating people.  And it’s a time to catch up with people you don’t see that often.

7.)  Have an attitude of gratitude for the many things you do have.  Every day take a few minutes to write three things you are grateful for.  Start a list and add to it daily.  Soon you will see the many wonderful reasons adding up.

In the book How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the Who’s in Whoville celebrated the holiday even though all the festive food, decorations and gifts were gone.  The holiday came without all the trappings.  We aren’t celebrating the trappings, but the specific reason for the holiday, whatever holiday you are celebrating.  Don’t let the “stuff” of the holidays prevent you from enjoying the celebration.  It’s going to come anyway even if you have done everything you wanted to do.

How can I help you with your job search?

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