Success Is In The Palm of Your Hands

Success in the palm of your hands

Success in the palm of your hands

I remember the day when all the phone did was connect two people to have a conversation.  You could hear the other person, but you couldn’t see them.  Slowly, new technology allowed you do more things.  Such as put a caller on hold while you answered another call.  And now phones do just about everything you can imagine. 

 Whether you have a smart phone or tablet, there are apps for every task you want to do.  Everything includes your job search.  I have found five apps I would like to share with you here.  There are many more, but you will get an idea of what’s available.

 The apps below are for Android. 

 Jobrio Job Search—Has 13 of the most popular job search engines for a worldwide job search.  Some of the job search engines are LinkUp, JobServe, Careers 2.0, LinkedIn, and Monster.  Set job notifications, sort by date or relevance, and save searches.  It’s a handy tool to find jobs from many sources all in one place.

 TinyScan: PDF Document Scanner—use your phone/tablet as a pdf scanner for documents, photos, business cards, receipts and more. The app allows you to store them on your device or memory card.  They can also be emailed.  The app is easy to use and produces high quality documents that can be exported to Dropbox, Google Drive or transferred to other devices.  Having a scanner ready to capture business cards and other documents will ensure you have information when you want it even on the go. 

 Advanced English & Thesaurus—this app is a useful tool when creating resumes and cover letters.  Having both in one app eliminates the need for two apps. Features include the ability to search for words as you type it, bookmark favorite words, and stores the last 50 words searched.  If you want to expand your vocabulary, there is a widget for a new word every day.  You can use your new words in an interview.

101 Interview Questions and Answers—if you have time on your hands you can practice interview questions.  This app answers the most common questions in several categories.  Some of the categories are behavioral, time management, decision-making, leadership and more.  It also includes questions you can ask the interviewer.  After you have read the questions with the suggested answers, you can read the question, answer it and compare it to the app’s answer.  Great tool for building confidence.

 Stress Reduction—most people are nervous just before going into the interview.  I don’t have a particular one to recommend as there are many apps in this category. Picking one would be difficult because everyone has a particular favorite way to relax.  Some like guided imagery, breathing exercises, yoga, tai chi, or sounds.  Find the one that suits you best.  I do recommend having a stress reduction app on your phone for your peace of mind any time you feel stressed.  Especially just before your interview.

I hope these apps help you in your job search.  There are many tools for you job search.  Knowing what’s available will help you choose the ones that are right for you.  And using them will get you a job.


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