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What Baby Boomers Want Younger Interviews to Know

In my post Checklist for Getting a Job When You are Over 50, someone commented they would like to see a “companion piece where you explain to 30-something hiring managers how to treat 50-plus year old talent with a bit of respect, instead of making them dance.”  I responded to the person that I would […]

Checklist for Getting a Job When You are Over 50

There are many things you have to remember in your job search. But I think the most important thing you have to remember is that your age doesn’t have to hold you back.  In fact, there are ways you can use your age as an asset. With some simple tweaks to your job search, you […]

Where do Baby Boomers See Themselves in 5 to 10 Years?

Last week I posted a blog that answered 2 typical job search questions.  At the bottom, I invited people to ask questions for me to answer.  There was one question that I found interesting, and I would like to answer here. The person asked what is the best way to answer where do you see […]

7 Tips to End Long-term Unemployment

Long term unemployment is a problem.  We all know it.  The people who understand it more than others are the long-term unemployed.  They stare it in the face every day.  They follow the news to see when the powers that be will pass a bill that will restore their unemployment benefits.  However, they also must […]

5 Tips to Fight Ageism: Get Hired at 50+ Part 2 and List of Companies that are Friendly to the 50+

Wednesday, I told you how groaning and grimacing when you sit down can ruin your job search.  There are companies that are supportive of 50+ workers and networking is an effective way to get a job. Today, I will continue with the last 4 tips and finish with the list of Best Employers for Workers […]