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Looking for a New Job? Do You Have the Right Skills?

You want a new job because your job no longer suits you for whatever reason. When you look at your marketability for a new position, one thing you look at is how current your skills are. When you have been in a job for a several years, you take for granted that what you know […]

How to Get a New Job by Labor Day

  Finally, after the long winter, Memorial Day is here! It’s the unofficial start of summer. And it’s an exciting season for the job searcher. It’s the best time to look for a job. And here is why: Many job searchers take the summer off There’s less competition for you It’s the barbecue, graduation and […]

The One Thing Every Job Searcher Needs

There is one thing every job searcher needs.  It doesn’t matter if the job searcher is employed or unemployed; a recent college graduate or a 50+.  This one thing is learned way before a job search is launched.  It comes from years of practice.  This one thing is called patience.  It is needed when looking […]

Finding Your Future

Deciding to leave your job for a new one is challenging.  Once you the decision to leave is made, you have to decide if you want to do the same job or try something different.  A job search for the same job is easier than a new career.  You can start looking at the job […]

How to Recharge Your Job Search

How frustrating it is when you want a cold glass of milk, but someone before you took it all.  The carton is empty.  When it’s gone, it’s gone.  Nil, zip, zero.   No matter how much you want it, there is nothing there.  You can squeeze and squeeze, but you won’t get anything.  The same is […]