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Common job search words and their best practices Part II

Last week I posted words that are common to job searchers.  They may have heard them networking or read them in articles and have been unsure about what they mean.  I have provided a best practice for each word.     Interview—an opportunity for both the company and the candidate to learn more about each other.  Through […]

Put The Sizzle On Your Resume And Show You Are The Best Candidate

  You have spent a considerable amount of time on your résumé. You know how to target your résumé for the position. You have listed the activities you’ve done in your positions.  It looks just like the samples you’ve seen.  It’s perfect, no typos or grammar errors.   But you feel that there is something missing.   […]

3 Quick Tips for Job Search Success

  When you think of a job search, you will immediately think of resumes and interviews.  They are on every job searchers mind.  But if you are in a job search, there are other things you think about.  You also think about cover letters, networking and where to find available jobs. Those are the biggies […]

10 Essentials Needed for a Successful Job Search

There is plenty of information about how to get a job.  But it all boils down to 10 things that are essential for finding the job you want.  You will see below what they are.  Growing  network—most jobs are obtained by networking.  Grow your network and stay in touch with your network.  It’s a reciprocal […]

Make These Changes On Your Resume For Job Search Success

  June 16, 2013 Many changes have taken place in the job search over the last few years.  The résumé is one of the items that have changed.  If you are using an old style format or information, it is likely the reader won’t go beyond the first section.  Making the right changes make your […]