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How to Find Companies for Your Target List

There are many ways to find a job.  One is a targeted job search.  It is a job search where the you make a list of companies where you are interested in working. You can apply for open positions found on the company’s website.  Or you contact members of your network with to find open […]

How Did You Go From Inexperienced to Overqualified In One Career?

According to dictionary.com inexperienced is not experienced; lacking knowledge, skill, or wisdom gained from experience and overqualified is having more education, training, or experience that is required for a job or position.” Back in the day, which only seems minutes ago, you were a graduate ready to take on the world.  You had dreams and […]

A New Positive Direction for Job Search Success when you are 45+

An excellent opportunity for Networking, receiving the Moral Support you need, and learning State of the Art Job Search Strategies for job searchers 45+. Is your search more difficult due to your age? Do you feel alone in your job search and no one understands what you are going through? Are you feeling depressed and […]

One Really Good Tip to End Your Job Search: Think Positive

Your attitude determines your altitude.  That is so true for the job search.  Your job search will be much more successful if you have a positive attitude rather than a  pessimistic outlook .   I can tell if you have a positive or a negative mindset by observing four different things about you.  They are your […]

5 Tips to Beat the Gray Ceiling: Get Hired at 50+ Part 2

Yesterday I told you how groaning and grimacing when you sit down can ruin your job search.  There are companies that are supportive of 50+ workersand networking is an effective way to get a job. Today, I will continue with the last 4 tips and finish with the list of Best Employers for Workers Over […]