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The Phone Screen Interviewer Was a No Show—Now What?

In the last few days, I have gotten calls from people saying they had a phone screen, but the interviewer never called.  They wondered why and what to do.  One person was so angry that she wanted to bill the company for her time.  I don’t think that is a good idea unless she wants […]

Is There One Best Way To Get A Job?

Finding a job today is like trying to hit a moving target.  The rules keep changing.  Companies have different policies and procedures.  Everyone has the secret, and each secret is different.  Without consistency, what’s a job searcher to do? Today, job searchers must understand the status of the job search at this moment, and keep […]

What Olympic Athletes Can Teach Job Searchers To Be Successful

It’s that time again.  Every four years athletes from around the world gather to compete to be the fastest, highest and strongest at the Winter Olympics.  Much like job searchers compete to be the most qualified candidate.  The Olympic athletes are equally matched the same as the job candidates are qualified.  The winners are determined […]

10 Sure Ways to Botch Your Interview and How to Fix Them

Your résumé has done its job, someone thinks you’re qualified for the job, now they want to bring you in and see if you are what you say you are. And if you will fit into the group; are you someone they want to be around for 40 hours a week. Doing the following things […]

One Really Good Tip To End Your Job Search: Organize your Job Search

If you are like most job searchers, you have more job search files on your computer than anything else.  Keeping it all organized can be difficult as the information comes in quickly.  But you may not need it for a while.  I encourage my clients to keep their job search organized so that they can […]