Join me and fellow job searchers navigate the ever changing rules of the job search and the various emotions to find your success!

An excellent opportunity for Networking, receiving the Moral Support you need, and learning the State of the Art Job Search Strategies for job searchers 45+.

Do you feel alone in your job search and no one understands what you are going through?

Looking for state of the art job search strategies that get results?

Are you feeling depressed and frustrated in a long job search?

Is your job search more difficult because of your age?


If you  answered yes to any of these questions you will love  New Positive Directions,  a Job Search Networking Support Group focused on jobs searchers 45+.

This group will teleconference every week to learn state of the art job search strategies.  You will meet people like you who are feeling the same things you are because they are going through the same thing.  Unlike your family and friends who say they understand even though they are working and haven’t loss their job.  The members of this group also unemployed and looking for a job so they do know how you feel.

  • You can share you feelings in a safe environment with like-minded people.
  • You can ask questions about your job search and get the answer you need to get the job you want.
  • You can laugh and have fun looking for a job.

Every week you will dial in and join people like you support each other in your job search.

Yes! I want to attend the group calls starting soon!

Why Join a Job Search Support Group

You just lost your job, or you lost it some time ago but are still not finding something else. Why do we so strongly suggest you join a job search support group? Because they can help. No, they probably do not have job listings nor can they introduce you to potential employers, but they can give you the lift you need to continue and the other members can offer ideas and suggestions for strategies you did not consider.

“Arleen is a very rare person to find in this critical time of unemployment.  She is nurturing, encouraging, and makes you want to do your very for yourself for her and for the group.  I was unemployed for over two years, but she encouraged me and the other members to keep up the good fight.  I am now employed at a perfect job, doing the work I had hoped to find, but am still attending the networking meetings.  Arleen has created a group that has become like family and I attend the meetings and stay involved because I want to see each and every one of us employed in a job that they love as much as I love the one I found.  She brings to the job search the extra qualities that cannot be defined, but can be felt the moment you meet her.  She truly is one in a million and has made a great difference in my life.” 


Pat C.  (This comment is based on Arleen’s job search networking support group called Pressed for Success)


During the 6 Week  New Positive Direction you will learn:

  • How to find the hidden job market
  • How to create resumes and cover letters that get results
  • How to stay positive and healthy
  • How to ace your interview
  • How to follow-up your way to success
  • How to use your age as an asset

Yes! I want to attend the group calls starting soon!

Sign up today for the crazy reduced price of only $10 per session ($60 for the complete program).  After this six-week session is over, the price will increase. 

Don’t Wait!  New Positive Directions begins soon and fills up fast!

email ([email protected]for more information or to register for the six week program.

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