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How to Reduce Interview Stress

Interviews cause stress.  Stress is one of the first words that comes to mind when you hear the word interview.  It’s natural and normal to feel stress during an interview.  It is something you want and/or need, but you don’t have control over who gets hired.  You can only control your knowledge, appearance and demeanor.  […]

Reduce Interview Stress and Ace the Interview

In my last post, I talked about the stress caused by interviews and how to it reduced by breathing.  Not just any breathing, but diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing.   There is a remarkable relationship between how you breathe and the stress you feel.  Put breathing from your diaphragm into your preparations to ace interviews. The […]

Interviews are like root canals without Novocaine.

Why are Interviews Stressful? Interviews have to be one the world’s most stressful activities.  Given a choice between a root canal and an interview, I think I would take neither.  I don’t like either one for different reasons.  I don’t like the pain involved in a root canal or the expense.  The interview just throws […]