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Beat Holiday and Job Search Blues

For many people engaged in the job search, the holidays bring on the blues.   Why this is the case varies from person to person. There are many reasons: too many things to do, wishing to have a “perfect” season, family issues, and a decrease in daylight. The job searcher experiences these, in addition to looking […]

The One Skill Every Job Searcher Needs

What is the one skill every job searcher needs no matter what their occupation or experience level?  It’s a skill that some people have naturally, and others have to develop.  Sometimes you have this power in abundance and other times it’s in short supply.  One thing is for sure if you are looking for a […]

My Best Advice for Job Searchers

Today while in a waiting room; I read The Atlantic June issue.  There was an interesting story for job searchers by Julie Beck, titled, “Funny or Die:  How your sense of humor can improve your health, get you pregnant, and even save your life.”  I know the subtitle doesn’t indicate it, but it really does.  […]

How to Reduce Interview Stress

Interviews cause stress.  Stress is one of the first words that comes to mind when you hear the word interview.  It’s natural and normal to feel stress during an interview.  It is something you want and/or need, but you don’t have control over who gets hired.  You can only control your knowledge, appearance and demeanor.  […]

What You Want Your Spouse to Know About Your Job Search

My last post talked about the importance of communication in your job search.  Keeping your spouse in the loop will ease some stress.  Today, I would like to talk to your spouse about how to treat you in your job search.  I have heard many job searchers express these are things their spouse knew, and […]