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7 Tips to End Long-term Unemployment

Long term unemployment is a problem.  We all know it.  The people who understand it more than others are the long-term unemployed.  They stare it in the face every day.  They follow the news to see when the powers that be will pass a bill that will restore their unemployment benefits.  However, they also must […]

Job search words and their best practices Part I

The job search is complicated and frustrating.  You have probably heard words that you don’t understand their job search message.  These words are said at networking events, meetings with career coaches, and other places where job searchers meet.  You may know and understand some of them, but wonder about the rest.  Here is a partial […]

Success=foundation + right tools: Do you have a foundation and the right tools?

This summer my husband laid a new brick walkway in our yard.  He spent the hottest week in the summer working on it.  Getting ready for the bricks was the worse.  He had to dig the area, level it, put down a foundation of sand and rock, tamp it down, level it, add a layer […]

One Really Good Tip To End Your Job Search: Networking—Take Care of Your Network

One of the many tools in your job search tool box is your network.  It is one that needs to be taken care of and not abused.  The phrase, never assume, is a good one to remember when taking care of your network.   Never assume: You will remember everyone you spoke to or they will […]

How to Find Companies for Your Target List

There are many ways to find a job.  One is a targeted job search.  It is a job search where the you make a list of companies where you are interested in working. You can apply for open positions found on the company’s website.  Or you contact members of your network with to find open […]