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Interview and the Flu: What Do I Do?

It’s flu season. Usually, getting a flu shot would protect you but this year the shot is only 23% effective. If you are a job searcher with an interview scheduled, nothing could be worse than getting the flu when you are supposed to interview. You will do your candidacy more good by staying home than […]

Ten Must Haves for Every Job Search Toolbox

The two things that come to mind when people say job search are resumes and interviews. If it were only that easy, the job search wouldn’t be as frustrating and confusing as it. Here are some of the things your job search tool box needs for a successful job search. 1. Growing network—most jobs are […]

The One Worse Thing to Do In an Interview

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. I bet you still remember that from grade school, too. You have said it over and over again because you have it memorized. But memorizing is the worst thing you can do. You ruin your chances of being hired Being prepared not just ready to interview but so […]

Ace The Interview By Not Saying a Word

Yes, that’s true. Without saying a word, you can communicate volumes of information to the interviewer. You communicate by facial expressions, posture and movement. A savvy interviewer can decode you actions. If they don’t like what they see, you are out. Your skills and experience on your résumé got you an interview. Your body language […]

The Best Set Up for Phone Screen Success

  In an earlier post, I talked about what you should do if you have a phone screen set up and the interviewer doesn’t show up.   In this post, I will help you prepare your space for when the phone screen interviewer sets up an appointment. Hopefully, it will be kept this time. I have […]