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5 Job Search Secrets Hidden in Newspapers

Yesterday I learned how to read a newspaper.  Well actually I learned how a job searcher should read a newspaper to find information about job searching.  And no, it wasn’t the classified ads.  Specifically, I learned how to read the Boston Business Journal from one of their audience development managers, Washawn Jones.  The information she […]

11 Ways to Research Companies

While on a job search, you will find it necessary to research a company.  Before you apply for a position, you research a company to see if you are interested in the company.  When you are called for an interview, the information you have gathered will help you prepare to ace the interview.  The more […]

One Really Good Tip To End Your Job Search: Organize your Job Search

If you are like most job searchers, you have more job search files on your computer than anything else.  Keeping it all organized can be difficult as the information comes in quickly.  But you may not need it for a while.  I encourage my clients to keep their job search organized so that they can […]