One Little Symbol Can Change Your Job Search From Stuck to Success Part 1

June 10, 2013

This image can help you get a job.

You may be wondering what this symbol is and what you can use it for.  I will be answering those questions here.   But more than that, in Part 1 I will be showing you how it can help you get a job.  In Part 2, I will tell you what is the best QR code generator for a job searcher and why.  Free is only one of the reasons.

This image is QR code.  A QR code is a quick response code, a barcode that directs users to the information you want them to see by scanning the code with their smartphone.  It is used to point to websites, social media, text, or can even tell you how many people are seeing you.  Using a QR code shows that you are technologically up-to-date.  Certainly for the baby boomer job searcher using a QR code will age proof your technical image.

A QR code can be set to take the user to various locations.  Here is a list of some the places a job searcher links to the code:

  • Your personal website
  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • A YouTube video you uploaded for job search purposes
  • Sends an email to you
  • Calls your phone
  • A text document you created

When someone uses a smartphone to scan your code, they are taken to anyone of the above locations you have specified.  They can look at your personal website containing your portfolio or call your phone number.  Whatever they

do, you have decided what happens.  It’s a powerful tool for getting people to see your information.

Here are some suggestions getting the most of your QR code:

  • It is intended for mobile smartphones; link to mobile friendly information.
  • You can generate code in a variety of colors, but black scans best and is more professional.
  • The size of the QR code depends on the size of your URL.  Use URL shorteners to get efficient small code images for use with business cards.
  • Using a QR code alone will not get you a job; you must use it with other strategies.
  • Place it on your resumes and business cards.  But remember this is for mobile use.  Most recruiters will be sitting at their desk when reading your résumé.  Having a QR code on your résumé shows you know about the technology and how to use it.  People will scan in on the fly from your business card.

QR codes won’t replace your résumé anytime soon, but it will help your job search success.  My next blog will tell you about a QR generator that is full of free options for a job search success.


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    I can’t wait to learn more about the QR code.

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