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One Little Symbol Can Change Your Job Search From Stuck to Success Part 1

June 10, 2013 You may be wondering what this symbol is and what you can use it for.  I will be answering those questions here.   But more than that, in Part 1 I will be showing you how it can help you get a job.  In Part 2, I will tell you what is the […]

One Really Good Tip to End Your Job Search: Stay Current with Technology.

A member of my networking group found her dream job. It had all the skills she was looking to use, the company is strong and growing, and she could see herself in that role. She carefully crafted the perfect resume that succeedded in getting her a coveted interview. The interview was going well. She was […]

How desperate are you for a job? Desperate enough to sit in a store front window?

  That’s what’s going on in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Frustrated job searchers are sitting in a storefront window with a brief summary of their qualifications.  And maybe a lucky charm or two for luck.   It’s an idea that has caught on with over 260 people who applied to be one of the selected to sit […]

Are you using the latest job search strategy?

Do you remember what job searching was like a while ago?  Create on resume and have several copies made.  Then you would read the help wanted ads in the newspaper; circle the ones that interested you, and sent one of your resumes to the company with a cover letter.  Today’s job search is different.  Instead […]

Job Searching: Yes, There’s an App for That.

Today it seems like everyone has a phone in his/her hand .  Many people even use it to make or receive phone calls. To my son-in-law it’s a watch.  My brother uses it as his calendar.  Kelly, my daughter uses many apps.  The best one I saw her use was the level.  During football season, […]