One Really Good Tip To End Your Job Search: Networking—Take Care of Your Network

One of the many tools in your job search tool box is your network.  It is one that needs to be taken care of and not abused.  The phrase, never assume, is a good one to remember when taking care of your network. 

 chain jscreationzsNever assume:

  • You will remember everyone you spoke to or they will remember you.  Regular communication is essential but don’t become a nuisance. 
  • You can use someone’s name without asking permission.  They won’t appreciate it when they hear you have used their name to advance your position.
  • You don’t have to thank you contacts.  You need to show your appreciation for everything they do for you even if what they do for you isn’t successful.
  • This is a one sided relationship.  You must give back to your contacts when you can.
  • You only have to talk about work or the job search.  Bonds are built when you know work and personal information about each other.
  • Everyone wants to help you just because.  People will help people they like, know and trust.  Be someone who is honorable, friendly, and helpful.
  • That you can ask for favors immediately upon meeting someone.  Work on building a relationship that is mutually beneficial.

What you don’t tend to will fail to grow.  With proper care,  your network will develop and become mutually beneficial. 

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