Employed again: but at what sacrifice?

May 20, 2013


You want a job.  You want to be working earning your paycheck.  It’s been a long road.



But what are you willing to sacrifice to get that job?  Are you willing to give up your time, money, commute, job title, or industry? How about your


child labor

This was once an accepted practice.




Are you willing to go to unscrupulous lengths to get the job, such as lying about your skills and experience?


What about which companies you will work for?  Will you work for a company that:


·         Hires only part-time people, so they don’t have to pay benefits


·         Levies sanctions against whistleblowers


·         Causes damage to the environment


·         Violates human rights


·         Takes advantage of the people and environment of third world countries


·         Lies to consumers and government


·         Allows greed and corruption at the c level


·         Works with suppliers that do any of the above


Of course, this is only a partial listing of unethical business practices.  There are varying types and levels of dishonorable activities that companies use in the name of the bottom line. 


Where will you draw the line when it comes to disreputable actions?  Is the prestige of the company and product more important than you values?  How far will you dig to find what’s actually going on in the company? 


I would love to hear your comments on these questions?



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