The #1 reason why changing one little thing will get you back to work

Believe you will get a job, and see the results

Believe you will get a job, and see the results


It’s a tough economy.  Companies aren’t hiring.  It’s a jobless recovery.  You’re too old.   Hearing and reading these things can bring a job searcher down.  They may be true, but people get hired every day, so why not you.  Yes, you can be one of the lucky ones.

But you’re probably wondering how that will happen.  It’s very simple.  Think positive and believe you will get a job.  I know you’re thinking it’s easier said than done.   But you must work on it every day because if you don’t believe you will get a job, no else will. 

You can’t control the economy or your age, but you can control how you think about yourself.  Only you can do that.  It’s up to you to decide whom you will approach your job search.   You can be enthused and excited about your next opportunity, or you can think you’ll never get a job.  Henry Ford would tell that whatever you’re thinking, you’re correct.

You know how resumes work, how to ace the interview and follow-up.  But you need to believe in you to you.  Believe that you are the best candidate and understand why.  Believe that your next job is just around the corner. 

Believing in you is the only way to get a job.  Because if you believe you will be a success, you will do all the right things to be a success.  You will network with enthusiasm, you will carefully create a winning resumes, and interview with confidence.  It’s tough to do these things if you don’t believe you will win. 

Last August, I asked the people at my networking group to rate how confident they were going to get a job soon on a scale of 1 to 10.  I got mostly 5’s, except for one man.  He said his confidence level was a 10.  He was enthused and excited because he just knew he was going to get a job.  The interesting thing was at the time he had no resumes anywhere.  But sure enough within a couple of weeks he had a job.  It happened very quickly, but he had a job.  And he was the only one who believed he would be working again soon

This man had back rent issues, had a daughter going to college, and savings were depleted.  He genuinely needed a job, and he believed because there was no other alternative.  And he got one. 

On a scale of 1 to 10 how confident are you that you are going to get a job?  Do you believe that you will be employed soon?  Do you have a story like this man’s, if so please share it with us.

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