Do you have everything you need for your job search?

Laugh and the whole world laughs with you.  Cry and your cry alone.

Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. Cry and your cry alone.

You need many things to conduct a successful job search.  And I’m sure you have them all, business cards, LinkedIn Profile, resume, network, cover letter, answers to interview questions, follow-up letters, job board, and a flattering interview outfit.  But there is one thing missing and I bet you would never have thought about needing this.  If you don’t have it, you are jeopardizing your job search.

The successful job searcher is calm, resilient, and likeable.  You can’t be this way if you are stressed and frustrated about your job search because it shows.  It shows in your attitude and appearance.  Many people have the same or better qualifications, but the one who gets the job may not.  Companies, today, hire for fit.  They want people they can work with all day and all week.  

While job searching is no joke, you need to be able to laugh.  You know, the deep down in the belly type of laugh.  The side, splitting, tears in your eyes laugh.  The kind of laugh you experience when you get together with your friends and relive the good ole days.  And when you leave, you say you had the best time.  Or maybe when you are being silly with those friends about what’s going on today.

I won’t go into details, but laughter is linked with lowering blood pressure, relieving pain, and boosting the immune system.  It provides a respite from the stress and depression caused by job searching.  Remember the section in the Reader’s Digest called, “Laughter, the Best Medicine.”  It’s true.  There is much information on the web about the scientific reasons.  But I’ll let you research it if you wish.  

Adding humor and laughter to your life is relatively easy. 

  • The first thing you must do is make the decision you want to genuinely laugh.  Not the smirk or the giggle, but the deep down belly laugh.  Once you have made up your mind the rest is easy. 
  • The next step is to find some people you want to share in this.  Laughter is always better shared.  It is easier to do and the effects last longer.
  • Third you select the type of humor that makes you laugh.  You have many choices in this step.  If you decide on movies and television, you have over 90 years of humor.  From the antics of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, to Bob Hope and Lucille Ball and right up to Adam Sandler and Kevin James, there is something for everyone and every taste.  You must already know what makes you laugh. 
  • Or gather your family for some fun outdoors or indoors and have some fun together.
  • Finally, enjoy a good belly laugh.  The kind that will lower your blood pressure, reduce your stress, and help you stay healthy.

Laughter is one piece of advice I give all my clients.  You can’t search for work 24/7.  You need time away from the stress and anxiety.  Being able to laugh while in your situation will calm you down.  You can’t job search effectively when you are in a highly stressed state.  I have an aunt who was stressed for many years.  She would snap answers at you, fall asleep sitting up, and answer the telephone like she was on her last good nerve. 

A recent bout with illness forced her to quit most of her activities to stay home and rest.  Wow, what a different person she is now.  She doesn’t snap answers, fall asleep sitting up and answers the telephone  in a pleasant way.  It’s a good thing she is retired because if she had been looking for a job, there is no way she would have ever been interviewed, let alone hired.  And she can now have a good laugh  something that was missing before.

If all your job search tools are impeccable but you are stressed and it shows, you won’t be successful. Make up your mind to laugh and laugh often.  It will benefit your mind, body and spirit.  It will get you the job.


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