10 Tips to get your new year job search off and running.

Get your job search up and running in 2014.

Get your job search up and running in 2014.

Here we are in between Christmas and New Year.  The cooking and baking are done, and the goodies long gone from plates, but firmly stuck on your hips.  The tree is dropping needles like snowflakes in a blizzard.  The family is looking for things to do; already bored with all the new distractions.  And you are anxiously waiting for new positions to become available. 

During this in between time is a perfect time to prepare for an all-out job search that is soon to start.  Time to look at your job search materials and your activities to make sure they are in shape and are ready to be sent out.  Here is a list of some of things to get you started

Check your résumé and cover letter to see if they are current and are standing out in the crowd.  Are they able to be modified for each job?  Is the layout appealing and easily read?  Do you have your accomplishments right at the top so they can be seen right away?

Update your LinkedIn profile to keep it current and accurate.  LinkedIn makes changes often so you will need to keep looking at your profile to make sure it’s in the best shape.  Have you added new contacts?  Are you in the right groups?  Are you active in the groups?

Follow-up with people you connected with over the holidays, so they don’t forget about you.  Schedule a time to have lunch or coffee with them.  Research them, their company, and their interests to be able to talk to them without awkward silences.

Prepare and practice interview questions that are likely to be asked in any interview.  Prepare a 30/60/90 plan to present at the interview.  Assemble a list of questions that could be asked by you in an interview.  Do you have STAR, SMART, PAR or CAR stories that you can use for behavioral questions? 

Tweak your elevator pitch so that it’s fresh and well stated.  The elevator pitch always needs tweaking.  Take a fresh look at the basic pitch and go from there.  Do you have a 30, 60 and 90 second pitch?  Does it include your unique selling proposition?

Check your interview attire for signs of wear and tear.  Is it current?  Does it still fit you if you have either lost or gained weight during your job loss?  How about your hair and glasses?  Are you shoes in good shape for interviews?

Create a plan for your job search so that you know what you should be doing and when.  What strategies do you want to pursue?  Do you want to change the way you are doing things?  Are you doing them effectively or could you use some coaching?

Set up google alerts on your target companies.  Get the latest information about them as soon as it appears on the internet.  Learn about openings before they get stale.

Do a google search on you to see what others are learning about you.  Is it what you want them to know?  Do you need to clean up your social media accounts?  Is the information correct?  Could they confuse you with someone else with your name? 

Check your Business card supply.  Do you have enough?  Have you changed anything, your address, phone number or email address?  Are you still looking for that type of position?  Is it vague enough to be flexible but yet give information that truly reflects what you are capable of?

This list is fairly complete, but there may be other things you want to check before you get back to your job search in the New Year.   The better prepared you the quicker you will be able to respond to job openings and leads. 

How can I help you in your job search?

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