Really Hate Your Job or Just a Bad Day

Bad days at work can happen, but they happen everyday you need to make a change

Bad days at work can happen, but they happen everyday you need to make a change

Do you really hate your job or are you having a bad day.  Everyone has a bad day at work.  But it is a symptom of hating your job.  This may sound a bit strange because people should know whether they hate their job or not.

It isn’t that simple.  You may hate your job and not realize it.  Yes, it’s true.   You may be facing issues that seem unrelated to your job.  But the basis of the problem could be found in your job.  For example, you need a job because you need a paycheck.  You have to work, and you have a job when there are many people unemployed.  So you stay.

You have outgrown the job.  You know the job; you can do it in your sleep.  When you started, you loved it.  But over time, it has become boring and unfulfilling.  Instead of moving on, you stay and begin to resent the people you work with, the work, and/or the company.  The negativity you feel at work soon comes home with you and becomes part of your life.

Take inventory of your emotions, physical symptoms, and thoughts.   You may be keeping your cool at the office, but the strain of holding tension in comes out at places other than the office.  Something insignificant becomes blown out of portion.  You don’t feel happy anywhere; you dread walking into the building each day, or you have nightmares involving work related people or matters.

How do you feel physically?  Having more headaches or upset stomachs than usual, or maybe they have become the norm are signs that you may hate your job.  As do unexplained aches and pains.    If these feelings improve when you are on vacation, it is a sure sign that something is wrong at your job.

 Look at your thoughts about the job.  Examine your attitude toward the work you do, to see if you feel it’s not what you want to do; you think you can do better; you feel trapped;  you don’t feel appreciated; you have been passed over; or think there is something better waiting for you.

If you have non known health issues about any of the above, your job could be the cause.  Bringing stress and frustration home from work isn’t good for your relationships with family and friends.  Bad days happen, but you don’t have to suffer in a job that does fulfill you.  You can either change companies or change your job within the company.   Take steps today to get the job that will make a difference in your life.  You deserve it. 


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  1. Maria Hebda, CCMC, CPRW's Gravatar Maria Hebda, CCMC, CPRW
    April 16, 2014 - 1:52 pm | Permalink

    Great article, Arleen! Job seekers can also ask themselves a few questions that can help them determine if leaving their current employer is the right thing to do or not. Answers to these questions can also help them put things into perspective before making the decision to call it quits because they “hate” their job. Ask yourself…

    1. What led me to hate my job?
    2. Why is my job no longer inspiring?
    3. Why do I feel leaving will solve all my problems?

    It’s very important that you look at the big picture, not bits and pieces, before making your decision to quit. Evaluate your circumstances and try to resolve the issues at hand before making the decision to look for another job. Finding solutions could just turn the job you hate back to one you loved long ago! If you find that you still hate your job after giving serious thought, analyzing your situation, and putting forth every effort to make it work, then maybe it is time to move on.

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