The One Skill Every Job Searcher Needs

Waiting, waiting, waiting, that's the job search.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, that’s the job search.

What is the one skill every job searcher needs no matter what their occupation or experience level?  It’s a skill that some people have naturally, and others have to develop.  Sometimes you have this power in abundance and other times it’s in short supply.  One thing is for sure if you are looking for a job; you need it.

Have you guessed what the skill is yet?  If you haven’t it’s patience.  The job search is an exercise in patience.  There is no getting around it.  You are going to need patience every step of the process.  From  waiting to hear from the people you connect with at networking events to starting the job after you accept an offer, time goes by slowly for the job searcher.

However, on the other side, the company side, time isn’t the same urgent issue it is for the job searcher.  They will work on the job when they are ready and only when they are good and ready.  The job searcher is at the mercy of the human resources and the hiring manager.  Hiring for the position you are interested in is only one item on their to do list.  And the priority it has varies day-to-day.  

So what is a job searcher to do?  My mother wasn’t a job searcher, but she always said, “God, grant me patience NOW!”  It didn’t work for her, and I doubt it will work for you.  So you should try something else.

The first thing is to realize that your urgent need for a job isn’t an immediate task for the company.  Once you understand this fact, the rest will be easier.  Second, learn patience. That is easier said than done.  And finally, it requires continuous practice.

The first step shouldn’t take too long to learn.  Your work experience will remind you how long things take to get done in companies.  You have experienced this in your last job.  Nothing happens instantly; there is a step-by-step process that requires someone to sign off on each step.  Throw in a vacation or day off here and there, the process lengthens.

The second step is the one that will take the most work.  Do everything in your power to get the outcome you desire.  Make the connections, send a résumé or go on an interview, and do a follow-up. Let go of what is making you impatient.  Distract yourself with other things instead of dwelling on the one issue.  Remember that not everything is about you.  You have to wait your turn.  Keep thinking positive thoughts.  
And the last step is keep doing what you did in the second step until you hear the outcome.  However, you will not always hear something; I’m sure you have heard of the black hole.  Not every company gets back to every who applied,  which is why you have to keep repeating what you did in step two.  

Having patience isn’t always a skill that gets people hired.  But if you have patience, it will make the job search less stressful. 


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