Less is Success When Searching for a Job during the Holidays or Anytime

Less is success

Less is success

During this holiday season, you are combing a job search with holiday preparations. At this point, you are probably stressing yourself trying to get everything done. I don’t have advice on how to cut your stress about your holiday preparations, but I do have some advice about your job search.

If you are like most people, you are trying to get a job as quickly as you can. There are many ways to accomplish this task but only some are successful. One method that isn’t very successful is the spray and pray approach. It involves applying to everything and anything you see that you are qualified for, are interested in or are willing to do.

It sounds like a good idea for getting a job a.s.a.p. However, it isn’t a very good plan for many reasons. But for my purposes here, I want to discuss two sources of job search frustration resulting from the spray and pray approach.

The first is “the black hole.” Ever heard of “ the black hole?” That is where your résumé goes when you apply for positions that don’t match your skills and experience. Even though you are willing to learn how to do the job or are prepared to take a lower level position, the employer doesn’t see it your way. He/she is looking for the person who best fits the needs of the job.

The second is silence. Job searchers complain about the lack of communication from companies. When too many people apply for open positions, it creates an overwhelming number of resumes. It makes responding to each one an impossible task, and you feel frustrated because you haven’t heard from the company.

The way to avoid job search frustration is to target your job search. Only apply for jobs that you are absolutely qualified for and have experience. Of course, this will significantly cut the number of resumes you send. It’s a time saver as you are not spending the time to tailor your résumé to highlight your skills and experience for a position that you won’t be considered. And you won’t feel frustrated that you haven’t heard from the company.

Targeting your job search activities to only positions that are relevant for you saves time and frustration during a season when there are many other things taking your attention and causing your anxiety. Don’t let your job search be one of them. Success will come quicker when you are only looking for jobs that you will have a chance of obtaining. You will be able to spend more time with family and friends and enjoy the holidays.


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