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Questions Beyond the Interview Questions

Recruiters and hiring managers have many questions.  It’s their job to ask questions to hire the best person for the job.  They don’t want to make a costly mistake.  It will cost the company money and cost the recruiters or hiring managers their reputation.  The place where the recruiters and hiring managers ask most of […]

Is There One Best Way To Get A Job?

Finding a job today is like trying to hit a moving target.  The rules keep changing.  Companies have different policies and procedures.  Everyone has the secret, and each secret is different.  Without consistency, what’s a job searcher to do? Today, job searchers must understand the status of the job search at this moment, and keep […]

My Husband and My Job Search

The other day I met a couple of job searchers for coffee.  http://portageparkdistrict.org We talked about many things including the job search.  And inevitably the subject of how their spouses are handling their job search.  It was interesting that both shared the same feelings.    When I was job searching, my husband would tell me […]

Your Job Title: Does it Define You?

Years ago I lost my job.  It wasn’t just any job; I was working for my church.  The church my family had been involved in for 100 years.  I lost not only my job; I also lost where I went to church; the support system of people I had shared my faith with; the place […]

Answers to Your Job Search Questions

The reason for job search group is to ask questions and get answers.  There are many questions that are asked often.  Answering all these questions in this blog could provide me with content for months.  But there are two questions I want to answer here.  One is about cover letters, and the other is about […]