Is There One Best Way To Get A Job?

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Many choices make the job difficult

Finding a job today is like trying to hit a moving target.  The rules keep changing.  Companies have different policies and procedures.  Everyone has the secret, and each secret is different.  Without consistency, what’s a job searcher to do?

Today, job searchers must understand the status of the job search at this moment, and keep up with the latest strategies.   Most importantly, they should know is there is more than one way to get a job.  With all the options available, job searchers should understand their field, the companies, and their needs to know what strategies to use and when.  If a job searcher can adapt his/her job search strategies as needed, he/she will be successful.

Job searchers have to know their industry to decide what is right.  One woman I know worked in human resources for many years.  She often said that the different functions of the company had different expectations for their candidates.  Whether it was the résumé or the interview, each function had its own style based on the people in the function. 

I find it interesting that if you ask different human resource professionals to give you what they like in resumes is different.  The look and style don’t seem to matter as much as being able to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily. 

I invited several human resource people to a networking group I facilitate to answer questions from job searchers.  They didn’t have one constant requirement for resumes.  Each one had a different preference, which is why I say job search is like trying to hit a moving target.

As a career coach, I hear the different ways people have landed jobs.  Some tell me they followed the “rules”, others tell me they thought out of the box, and there are those who combined the two.  What I hope you get from this post is that there is more than one way to get a job.  Learn as much as you can about each method so you will be able to choose the best options for you and your job search.  Be open and aware because there are many best ways to get a job.  Good Luck!!


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