3 Ways Job Search Networking Support Group Can Make You Invincible

Networking, providing moral support and sharing job search tips are what make  networking groups beneficial to you.

Networking, providing moral support and sharing job search tips are what make networking groups beneficial to you.

June 04, 2013

If you are over 45+, you know the importance of seeking help when you need it.  If you are 45+ and looking for a job, a job search networking support group provides you with the information you need to be successful in today’s youth oriented job market.

It is said that over 85% of jobs are obtained by Networking. Networking is the key to employment.  The more people you know, your chances are better for finding the hidden jobs.  People in your network can introduce you to other people, take your résumé to work with them, or give you a referral.  Building a network is essential to all job searchers.

In order to compete in today’s job market, you need to keep up with State of the Art Job Search Strategies.  No matter how you go about looking for a job, you will need a résumé at some point.  But in today’s resume is not like the résumé it was even 5 years ago.  Social media has changed the way people look for jobs.  New ways to connect through social media come along almost daily.  It’s difficult to keep up with all the changes.

Searching for a job stressful and frustrating you need Moral Support to keep you sane and on task.  Although many caring and loving people in your life say they understand most don’t.  Because they have not been in a recent job search that has dragged on and on, they fail to see why you can’t get a job already.  Sharing your feelings and getting encouragement from your peers in the job search will help you feel hopeful and confident.

A job search group provides the three things listed above.  You will benefit from joining such a group.  You will meet new people to expand your network.  Learn tips and tricks to make your search up-to-date from experts and group members.  Share your frustrations and find out how others are handling theirs.   When you are feeling positive and know the newest and best ways to get a job, you will be successful.

Your job search networking support group should not be a venting session.  Meetings should provide genuine opportunities to learn new job search strategies and improve your frame of mind.  The group members should have a positive outlook, be willing to share job search resources, and hold each other accountable.  If you are over 45+, your group should be focused on making age an asset.  Join one and see how your job search improves.

  • Does your network need expanding?
  • Are you familiar with state of the art job search strategies?
  • Do you feel no one understands what you are going through?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a job search networking support group is for you.   Click here to learn more.

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