3 Quick Tips for Job Search Success


When you think of a job search, you will immediately think of resumes and interviews.  They are on every job searchers mind.  But if you areadamr spy lady in a job search, there are other things you think about.  You also think about cover letters, networking and where to find available jobs.

Those are the biggies of the job search.  But as in many things, sometimes it’s the small things that count. These few tips, although may seem insignificant but paying attention to them can help you.

Outgoing voice mail message.  What does your voice mail message say?  It should say your full name and instructions on the information you would like caller to leave. 

I know someone, not in a job search, with an interesting outgoing message, but not one a job searcher should use.  When the phone picked up, you heard her voice say “hello,” then silence, she came back saying “hello” again.  This was followed by more silence; finally she started laughing and said “leave a message.” 

I didn’t think it was funny, and if I were someone in human resources calling about an interview, I wouldn’t leave a message.

Volunteer. It’s not the first thing you think of when think of job search. But it’s a powerful job search strategy.  Aside from networking and filling a resume gap, it can offer a respite from the job search anxiety.

Studies have proven that volunteering makes you feel happy.  When you work with like-minded people to achieve a common goal, you experience a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  This gives you time away from your problems and frustrations. 

Persistent v. stalking.  There is a fine line between follow-up and stalking. Crossing the line either ends your candidacy or severely hurts it. 

There was a job I wanted desperately.   A woman who meant well told me to call or send an email to the hiring manager every other day; this was before I knew better.  Every other day I would send the hiring manager an email thinking I was scoring points and making myself known.  Well, I made myself know all right.  The hiring manager replied to one of my emails telling me to stop sending her emails.  Yup, I was noticed—noticed right out of job I wanted. 

Before you leave the interview, ask what their time line for hiring this position is.  Respect the time line and use it as a guide in your follow-up.  Wait a day or two after the last day of the time line; send a brief email expressing your continued interest ask about the status of the position.  If you call on the phone and get voice mail, leave a short voice mail.  If they don’t return your call, wait a couple of days and call again.  If the same thing happens, move on.  If they decide they want to contact you, they will. 

Although these tips are the biggest job search strategies, they make or break your chances with the company.  What other tips do you have?

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  1. Maria Hebda's Gravatar Maria Hebda
    July 3, 2013 - 8:16 am | Permalink

    Great article, Arlene! Another critical thing to think about and to implement in a job search is “follow up.” Following up plays an integral roll as well. Doing so will indicate the person or job seeker is taking an active role in their job search rather than waiting by the phone in hopes the phone will ring.

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