The Key to Job Search Success

The key to job search success having a complete package.

The key to job search success having a complete package.

You have a résumé, cover letter and network.  But there other things you need for a successful job search.  And they aren’t things you can touch.  They are things that are felt by you and observed by others.  They are attitudes and ways of conducting yourself.  You want to be a complete set.  It is the key to your job search success. 

The best resume in the world can be overshadowed by not following up on it.  You can research the company and relevant questions, but if you aren’t friendly or self-confident your interview will be a waste of time.  Think about the people you like, what is about them that makes you like them?  And the people you don’t like, why don’t you?  It has nothing to do with their résumé or cover letter it has to the type of person they are.  What you like about others, is what hiring managers like about candidates.  However, they are also interested in your résumé. 

Persistent—Your job search is the most important thing to you now.  However, there are others involved in your search that have other things on their minds.  No matter how much they like you and want to help, you aren’t on their minds 24/7.  You need to follow-up on the resumes you’ve submitted, the interviews you’ve had, your network connections and any recruiters you are working with.   

Patient—Some people are lucky to find jobs right away.  Others aren’t so lucky, their job search lasts for months.  Hopefully, you will have a short job search.  But no matter how long it takes, you don’t know when it’s going to end.  You want to be patient.  The hiring process seems to take longer these days than in the past.  Learning how to manage stress helps keep you patient.

Positive Thinking—You are what you think.  If you think you’ll get a job, you will.  The same is true in the opposite.  Positive thinking leads to positive results because you are willing to do what it takes and won’t cut corners.  You will be diligent in doing all that is required to find a job.

Prepared—Both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have the motto, “Be Prepared.”  This should be your motto, too.  You never know whom you are going to meet.  You can be anywhere from the grocery store to attending your reunion when someone will ask about your job.  Being able to tell someone clearly and succinctly what you are looking for is important.  Have copies of your networking resume and business cards in your car ready to give to out.

Personable—People like kind and friendly people.  They avoid desperate or depressed people.  They are willing to help out people who are pleasant  to be around.  Hiring managers look for people who will fit in the company. Having a smile on your face makes you look approachable. 

Professional—Your looks, clothing, and marketing materials should be reflect your abilities and attitude.  Your looks and clothing express how you feel about yourself.  If you are well groomed and your clothing clean and in good condition shows you care about yourself and appearance.   Your résumé, cover letters and other marketing materials should be appropriate for the type of you job are going after.

Polite—People want to be appreciated and thanked.  Thanking the people who help you in any way will benefit your job search.  It’s a subtle thing that people may not notice if you don’t do it, but will notice if you do.  All the manners you were taught by your parents are still relevant today.  But again, people just assume others have them, but notice if they don’t. 

How you look and act combined with your skills and experience make up your job search package.  Having one set without the other is like having only one sock.  You need both to make a complete set that works. 

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