How Will You Thank the People Who Have Helped You?


Giving back is a great way to thank people for all the support you have recieved.

Giving back is a great way to thank people for all the support you have recieved.

What will be the best part of having a job after being unemployed for a long time?  Your answer is unique to you.  And what will you do for others when you have a job?

I would like to tell you a story of a client of mine.  The story is about his happy ending.  But to understand the ending you have to know some background information.  Otherwise, the story won’t mean much. 

My client, John and Mary, (not their real names) were living out-of-state.  They had a happy life.  Both worked in jobs they enjoyed.  They owned a condo that was just perfect for them.  And enjoyed the company of good friends.  Then the unthinkable happened.  One by one they lost their jobs and then the condo.  With nothing else to do, they moved back home to her parents.

Needless to say, living in her old bedroom with a cat and a dog wasn’t working for them very well.  It became necessary for them to find another place to live.  Which thankfully they did, however, their new accommodations started out perfect but went sour after a while.  The people they lived with liked having them, however,  John and Mary found living with people who have emotional issues trying.  You could say it was a roller coaster.

While their housing situation has its’ ups and downs, their careers weren’t much better.  Both were looking for work.  But John and Mary couldn’t seem to have jobs at the same time.  John would get a job.  Mary would continue to look.  When Mary found a job, John would get laid off.  John would get a job, Mary would get laid off.  It was the norm for them. 

They both looked forward to the time when they would each have a job and would be able to get their own home.  And replace the cars that were getting tired.  They weren’t happy.  But they had each other. 

Finally, they got a break.  They had an opportunity to move to another state.  John’s mother had a condo that she didn’t want to sell but was moving and didn’t want to leave it empty.  It was a perfect solution for John and Mary.  They moved, John found a great job and Mary is able to pursue free-lance work.  They have their things out of storage and are living with each other only.  No other relatives. 

But the story doesn’t end here.  Recently, while at a gas station, John saw a teenage girl having trouble paying for her gas.  The young woman was quite upset as she was a long way from home.  John quietly gave her $20 to put gas in her car.  The young woman, overwhelmed with gratitude, promised to pay them back.  Instead, John just told her to pay it forward.  He had been in similar predicaments in the past, and he felt wonderful to help someone who truly needed it.

It was his way of paying back all the people who had been there for him and Mary.  Sometimes you can’t back someone back for what they do for you, but you can pay it forward.  How will you pay back all the people who are helping you in your job search? 


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    In answer to your question of how you can help me in my job search I just want to say that I always read your blog and get a lot out of them. Also I have bought the job recovery course and I am using it so you have helped me and I appreciate it:)

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    Ms Bradley I wish I could pay the money you charge per hour because I am getting a lot out of your Blogs such as this one and I already bought the job loss recovery program book and cd and have been using it for a week..I am glad that I ran across your Blog online and I thank you for posting it.So in answer to your question you are already helping me in my jlob search and I thank you:)

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