Communicating for Job Search Success

Steepling = confidence or does it.  Depends where you hand are.  Away from the face shows confidence but in front of the mouth shows nervousness.

Steepling = confidence or does it.  Depends where you hands are. Away from the face shows confidence but in front of the mouth shows nervousness.

Communication is vital in your job search.  When I hear the word, I think of people talking.  But talking is only about 8% of communicating.  Another 40% is about the tone of voice.  Over 50% involves body language. 

Take the phrase, I’m sorry.  The words are very basic.  But I’m sure you have heard someone say they were sorry but not actually mean it.  It came out sounding like I’m soooorry.  It didn’t sound too convincing.  Add in the eye roll and hands on the hips and you know they aren’t sorry but someone is making them say it. 

Communication is a two-way street.  You talk and someone listens, then they talk, and you listen.  While listening you are watching and hearing the meaning behind the words.  However, you must not look at only one gesture and reach a conclusion.  The entire exchange must be looked at to understand the results.

As a job searcher, not only are the words you are saying but how you say it and your gestures show more about you than you realize.  The other person in the conversation can tell if you are lying, nervous, or confident.  Usually you are wondering what the interviewer is thinking about you.  But you need to read them to know what they are thinking.

In an interview,  the hiring manager is listening and watching you to decide you’re a fit for the position.  You are doing the same.  You are listening and watching to see if you want to work with this person and this company.    You have to be sure you can work with this person interviewing you.

Do you like what you are hearing and seeing?  Is the interviewer giving you accurate answers to you questions?  Are you sensing some doubt?

Keeping your eyes open is just as essential as listening intently.  Understanding how people communicate with their body will give you an edge when negotiating salary, benefits or anything else.  However, you must know what the different nuances of gestures mean.    In an upcoming post, I will explain those differences. 

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