Is There Age Discrimination in the Job Search?

Yes there is ageism in the job search.  Reading this on a tablet will help you fight it.

Yes there is ageism in the job search. Reading this on a tablet will help you fight it.

Dear Editor;

 I am over 50 years old.  Some of my friends say there is no ageism in hiring.   People say that if you see it on the internet, it’s so.  Please tell me the truth; is ageism in hiring?

Job Searcher

Anywhere, USA

 Job Searcher, your friends are wrong.  They have been jaded into thinking that by many factors.  They trust in the government.  They believe that people wouldn’t do this to others.  But people do some horrifying things to other people.  In this great universe of ours people only see the outside of others.  Companies don’t look beyond what is immediately seen and fail to recognize the pain a job searcher can solve. 

Yes, Job Searcher, there is ageism in hiring.  It exists certainly as discrimination in sex, race, and national origin.  Many have tried to end discrimination only to have their voices silenced.  Alas!  How wonderful the world would be if everyone had a fair chance at working at a job they love. 

Thinking there isn’t ageism is like believing in Santa Claus.  You can talk to countless people who have been rejected because of their age.  But none will tell you that they were told they weren’t hired because of their age.  Instead, they were told things like “overqualified” or “not the right fit.” Companies are careful in what they say least people will think ageism exists.  There’s no evidence to support a claim.  But that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.  Nobody can conceive or imagine all the people who have been denied employment.

You can try to fight the discrimination, but there is the veil covering the unspoken words of ageism.  Only the deepest pockets can afford the amount of time and money can win the fight.  Only networking, a résumé with targeted to the position and relevant skills highlighted will get you back to work.  Is that all?  No, targeting companies that welcome older workers are your wisest choices.  Knowing about the latest in technology will be an asset. 

Yes, Job Searcher there is ageism in hiring.  It seems like it will never go away.  A thousand years from now people will be still suffering from age discrimination unless people start looking at other people for what they can offer instead of things that don’t have anything to do with doing the job.  I hope that before a thousand years go by, people will look beyond the color or wrinkles on the skin and do what’s fair.

My sincerest apologies to Francis Pharcellus Church and Virginia O’Hanlon for taking their original work and turning it around to highlight the age discrimination against job searchers over 50. 

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    I am 50years male have work experience of finance 8+years , I am not a qualified CGA,CMA but always worked in I lost my job,what advise will you give me,I am in Toronto.

    Looking for job

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