YouTube for finding a job?

A dancing job posting.

A dancing job posting.

Ok, I have found the latest in job search strategies.  But before you adopt it, you have to quit your job.  But if you are out of work already, you will have to job search the usual way. 

But you may want to look for your next job by watching YouTube.

How to Quit:   A young woman, Marina Shifrin, working for Next Media Animation, a Taiwanese company in Chicago, created a video for her boss.  It wasn’t your ordinary, run of the mill video.  Nor was it one of the videos she had created for her boss. 

This one was a video where she did an interpretive dance to a Kanye West’s song called  “Gone” in a 1 minute, 45 second.  Marina had sacrificed her personal life for the job.  She had enough so she posted and “I Quit” video on YouTube that announced to her boss she was quitting.  An interesting approach to quitting, I must say.  I haven’t heard of that before.

It seems the video went viral.  Her colleagues at Next Media Animation responded by creating their own video.  Instead of saying “I Quit, they said they were hiring.   They showed the benefits of their company, including the roof top pool. 

Marina’s viral YouTube video caught the eye of Queen Latifah who invited Marina to be on Queen Latifah’s daytime talk show.  During the course of the show, Queen Latifah offered Marina a job.  They were going to have a short interview after the show.  It is unknown whether Marina accepted the job or not.

But the good news for Marina is that she didn’t need a résumé, she didn’t go to any networking events, and her interview was brief.  Yet she landed a job working on a TV show. 

The take-away from this is you don’t need to do much job searching if you quit your job by a YouTube video and go on a daytime talk show.  Doesn’t too difficult to me.  But if you would rather use the résumé you have spent hours crafting, or networking until you feel you can’t shake another hand; or spending days online looking for open positions then go for it. 

But you might want to look at YouTube videos to see what companies are hiring.  Especially companies with roof top pools.  I just wonder how you would work that into your resume. 

You have to admit it is a unique way get a job. And I only offer this to provide a bit of humor in your job search. 

Marina’s video can be watched at this link:

Her colleague’s response video can be watched at this link:


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