How regain your focus and get back to your job search.


Getting unstuck will help you succeed.

Getting unstuck will help you succeed.

Yesterday I wrote about fears you may have about returning to work and how they are holding you back from a successful job search.  Your fears are sabotaging your efforts You may find reasons not to network, to apply for jobs, think you resume isn’t good enough or know what you want to do.  While it is normal and natural to feel this way, it won’t get you a job.  You have to change your mindset to get unstuck and move forward.

Here are 10 ways you can overcome your fear.

  1. Understand this is normal and natural.  Once you admit you have these feelings, you can start working on them.  Realizing you aren’t the only one will help you feel better just by knowing you aren’t unusual.  If you have trouble getting over the feelings are they interfere with other parts of your life, get professional help
  2. You have had challenges before, but you overcame them.  Remember what you did to solve them and how good it felt when you did.  Life is full of ups and downs.  Now is the time to think of the good times.
  3. Keep up-to-date with skills by taking classes, reading trade publications, attending professional society meetings.  You have the time follow the latest news.  Set up Google Alerts for the newest information.
  4. Use your skills by volunteering.  There are many organizations that need help but don’t have the money to get them.  You will be helping them out while helping yourself.
  5. Understand that the economy is still recovering and things happen.  Companies grow and shrink according to demand for their products and services.  Many times they hire temporary  workers  to accommodate these fluctuations.
  6. Remember that newbies are given time to adjust.  Even if they expect you to hit the ground running, they will allow you time to get to know them and the company. 
  7. Stand up straight, hold your head high, and smile.  You have plenty to offer, and the right company is going to see you for the value you offer.  Don’t give up.
  8. Find one or a few people who you can share your feelings with.  They should be willing to push your out of your zone and encourage you when your spirits are sagging.
  9. You are what you think.  Think of all the positive things put negative thoughts out of your mind as soon as you get them.  Think positive and positive will happen.
  10. Cope with the stress by exercising, healthy eating,  getting the proper amount of rest, look to your higher power, connect with others socially. 

Yes, you have had a tough time, but there is nothing you can’t do.  Get your control of your mindset and you will see yourself successful.


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Image:  Stuart Miles

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