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Coping with the Family and Looking for a Job

In a parody of seasonal favorite “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” one of The Twelve Pains of Christmas is facing the in-laws. Well, it isn’t just the in-laws that can be a pain, but your family as well. Whether immediate or extended, your family has your best interest in mind. The holiday season is likely […]

How To Cope With Long Term Unemployment

I often mention in my posts why it’s important to belong to job search networking groups.  That is because I am the founder and facilitator of 2 such groups.  For the last 5 years, I have met with job searchers in various stages of their search.  The members represent different industries and roles.  The thing […]

How regain your focus and get back to your job search.

  Yesterday I wrote about fears you may have about returning to work and how they are holding you back from a successful job search.  Your fears are sabotaging your efforts You may find reasons not to network, to apply for jobs, think you resume isn’t good enough or know what you want to do.  […]

Are You Free To Move Your Career Forward?

  Tomorrow the United States will celebrate its independence from being ruled by another country. Before the U.S. could move forward with directing its own success, it had to separate from the negative energy that was holding it back. Are you able to celebrate the freedom from all the negativity caused by the involuntary separation […]


I remember my grandmother saying that many hands make the work light.  It was her way of getting my sisters and me to clean something.  It was a job no one wanted to do, but it had to be done.  If we all pitched in and helped, the work would be over sooner and we […]