7 Tips to End Long-term Unemployment

You will be successful in your job search.

You will be successful in your job search.

Long term unemployment is a problem.  We all know it.  The people who understand it more than others are the long-term unemployed.  They stare it in the face every day.  They follow the news to see when the powers that be will pass a bill that will restore their unemployment benefits.  However, they also must continue living their lives while Congress is deciding what to do. 

It isn’t my intention to turn this into a political commentary.  I want to help those from long-term unemployment.  Instead of talking about what is going on or not going on, I would rather take action to help those affected.  I have put together some thoughts on what they can do to end their long-term unemployment.

Join a networking support group.  These groups provide emotional support at a time when you need it the most.  They understand your feelings, because they are going through the same thing.  You will come away from the meetings having helped, and been helped.  You will feel better about your situation to know that others are going through the same thing and by the sharing of information.

Attend networking events. Networking events are all over the place, it’s easy to turn other events into networking opportunities.  Over 80% of jobs are obtained by networking.  Be friendly, willing to help others, and you will assemble a network of people.  People you can call on when you need a contact inside a company,lead on a job, or a referral.  I have had clients who didn’t want to network and refused to do it.  When they finally did, they landed jobs.

Find part-time or temporary work.  Help your finances by taking a part-time job.  Substitute teaching is common.  It usually pays anywhere from $50 to $90 per day.  It keeps you schedule flexible when you have to interview.  Delivering newspapers sounds like a horrible job, but many adults have paper routes.  The benefit is that you know when you are committed each day and can work interviews around those times.  Contracting allows you the opportunity to get your foot in the door, keep up or learn skills and prevent gaps in your résumé.  Many jobs today are temp to perm

Look at what else you can do.  Take a look at your transferrable skills and use them to transition to something like what you have done.  Or maybe turn a hobby into a career.  Become a consultant in your field.  There are many things you can do well, use those skills in a new career.

Take care of you.  If you are healthy in mind, body and spirit, you will be more unemployable.  Enjoy time with family and friends and laugh think positively and have some fun.  Eat healthy foods; get the proper amount of rest for you, and get in some exercise.  Connect with your higher power and attend religious services.   If you are in a positive frame of mind, you will attract more people to help you.  You will be at your best when interacting with people.

Tackle a project you have put off.  Whether it’s cleaning out a closet or organizing files on your computer, you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you finish.  It will help your esteem and confidence.  You have some time to take care of the things you have wanted to do.

Take a class or learn something new.  There is always something new to learn and now is the time to learn it.  Especially if has to do with your career.  Is there a certification that you need to get ahead in your career?  Check it out.  If money is an issue, talk to the organization and explain your situation, they may be able to help you out.  You’ll never know unless you ask.  The worse they can say is no.

Long term unemployment isn’t fun.  But you can end it, if you change things up a bit.  The above suggestions are just that—suggestions.  There are many more things you can do.  Look around and listen to others to learn what they are doing.  You will be hired. 


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