Are You Using This Social Media for Your Job Search?

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Most of every job searcher has heard of LinkedIn for their job search and are using it quite well.  There are some job searchers taking advantage of Twitter to find information about companies and openings as soon as the information hits the web.  Very few are using Facebook for their job search because they see it as a networking tool for young people.

But those not using Facebook are missing out on some wonderful opportunities to network and let people know they are looking for work.  Facebook encourages connections between family and friends; the two groups that will have the most interest in helping you succeed. 

 I have compiled some do’s and don’ts of using Facebook. 


  • Connect with family and friends. 
  • Join groups that match your interests.  Groups can include school alumni, places where you lived, organizations you belong to or did and so many more.  Not all groups are created equal.  Find the groups that are consistent with your brand and/or show your leadership.
  • Handle “likes” and “following” that support your brand.
  • Keep a tight control on who can see what you post by adjusting your privacy settings while you are searching for a job.
  • Check the events, some listed events either are or can be turned into networking events.
  • Post about things that inspire you, share your unique selling proposition, and anything that aligns with your brand.
  • Use a profile picture that is more on the professional side than the “had one too many at the party side.”  It doesn’t have to be a professional photo like LinkedIn, but keep it “hirable.”


  • Publicize your escapades that would turn off an employer in words or pictures.
  • Use language that is offensive, share political or religious views regardless if they are the most popular or controversial. 
  • Play games on Facebook, such as Farmville or Candy Crush.  While they are fun and ways to pass the time, letting recruiters know you have enough time on your hands to reach high levels sends the wrong signals about what you are doing with your time.
  • Put anything on Facebook that you don’t want a recruiter to see even for a second.
  • Be a bore, always complaining about something or posting what you ate at breakfast.

Even if you don’t want to use Facebook as a job search tool, it’s best to keep your profile rated G.  Some recruiters view Facebook profiles of potential hires.  Learning how to use Facebook as a job search tool can help you get a job.  It won’t guarantee you get a job, but it’s another place to look.


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