How to Get a New Job by Labor Day


Team sports are a great way to meet people

Team sports are a great way to meet people

Finally, after the long winter, Memorial Day is here! It’s the unofficial start of summer. And it’s an exciting season for the job searcher. It’s the best time to look for a job. And here is why:

  • Many job searchers take the summer off
    • There’s less competition for you
  • It’s the barbecue, graduation and wedding season
    • The parties are excellent networking opportunities
    • Jobs are often the topic of conversation at graduation parties
    • The bride and groom usually invite people from work
  • People are in vacation mode
    • The hiring managers may be answering their own phones because the gatekeepers are on vacation
    • They may be available to meet for informational interviews
  • Perfect weather for meeting people
    • People enjoy eating lunch in a park and not at their desk and may be more receptive to a little conversation
    • Helping a neighbor with a project can lead to a new contact
    • Whether you coach or play summer sports, you will meet plenty of people
    • Watching sporting events are great ice breakers
  • Companies need superior talent all year round
    • Beat the competition by being flexible and patient with the interview process
  • Some companies hire temporary help for the summer
    • It may turn into a permanent job
    • Add more connections to your network
  • The fiscal years ends/begins July 1 in some organizations
    • They have to hire before they lose the position
    • They will hire as soon as the new fiscal year starts
    • They want the new person trained and ready to hit the ground running by the fall
  • People are more relaxed
    • They are more willing to engage in conversation
  • Opportunity for outdoor exercise
    • It will help you relieve stress
    • It will boost your mood
    • You will look and feel better

There are many free events around you that you can enjoy while networking.  Check out baseball/softball leagues, free concerts, road races, festivals, and other community events.  You can either take part or volunteer at the event, but you will have a great time either way.  Each and every event is a networking event waiting to happen.  Keep your job search going during the summer even though others are taking the summer off and you may be in a new job by Labor Day.


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