The One Thing Every Job Searcher Needs

Wait--that's all I seem to do.

Wait–that’s all I seem to do.

There is one thing every job searcher needs.  It doesn’t matter if the job searcher is employed or unemployed; a recent college graduate or a 50+.  This one thing is learned way before a job search is launched.  It comes from years of practice. 

This one thing is called patience.  It is needed when looking online for jobs and wading through website after website with jobs that are only somewhat of interest to you, or you are qualified for.  Patience is needed when networking and you are hoping to hear from someone you have contacted for follow up. 

As the job search progresses, the need for patience increases.  After submitting your résumé, you wait for a response and a phone screen that indicates their interest in you.  Then you wait for the rounds of interviews hoping that you make it to the next round.  Finally, after all the interviews, you wait for the words:  You are hired!  It isn’t an easy wait.  It is comprised of hope, despair, positive and negative feelings. Кредит онлайн Москва.

It seems like a lifetime waiting to hear about the next steps.  But in this life patience is needed all through it.  This has been shown to me a lot in the last 3 months.  Patience is needed in good times and in bad.  Three months ago, I was anxiously awaiting the birth of my new little neighbor.  I had “seen” him in ultrasound pictures, but I wanted to see him in person. 

The last month has been a month of watching my mother-in-law die.  That took an incredible amount of patience as I saw her fade gradually.  I often wondered how she could go on with all the pain and no nourishment.  She had to be patient while nature took its course.  But the end came peacefully one week ago today.

I have come to learn that patience is learned.  At least for me it had to be learned and practiced over and over again.   Here are a few ways to help you increase your patience.

  1. Lose your ego.   Life in unpredictable and you are not in control of everything.  Your plans and perspective are not the only ones.
  2. Some things can’t be rushed and need time.  Everything takes time to come to fulfillment.   Allow the process to play itself out naturally. 
  3. Relieve frustration in healthy ways. You need to relieve frustration so that you don’t pop like an overfilled balloon.
  • Breathe deeply. At the first sign that you are becoming impatience, take 3 deep breaths, breathe in and breathe out slowly.
  • Give yourself a time out. Step aside from the situation.  Do something different.  Then after a while go back with renewed energy.
  • Use guided visualization. Guided visualization will relax you and help your learn how to deal with the issue while relaxed.  Imagine the results you desire to use all 5 of your senses: taste, touch, sight, sound, smell.
  • Meditation. Will help you be calm.  If you are able to be in a calm state, issues won’t be as stressful.  It’s a proactive approach.
  • Laugh. Enjoy time away from the issue with family and friends.  If you laugh, it helps your relieve stress. 

 You need patience in every aspect of your life.  You will be best served if you learn how to practice patience before you need it.  Have a plan and put into action as soon as you start feeling impatient.  Your job search will thank you for it.

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