Holiday Job Search Myths—Busted!

Santa has many requests for a new job.

Santa has many requests for a new job.

The holidays are filled with myths.  One man can deliver toys to every child in the world in one night with flying reindeer.  A snowman that can walk, talk and sing just the same as you and me.  An elf that sits on a shelf in your home can keep children in line.  Children believe these myths , but adults believe in other myths.  Job searchers, for example, believe that the holiday season is the time to put the job search on hold until the New Year.

There isn’t anything further from the truth than the last six weeks of the year are the worst for job searchers.  In fact, yesterday I talked to a woman getting ready for an interview and a man who was sent a job description and encouraged to apply.  If the hiring myth were true, neither of these two people would be working on interview and resume skills.

The truth is you are as likely to get hired at this time as any other time of the year.  Let me show you:

No one hires during the holiday season.       

Yes they do. 

  1. Openings need to be filled to complete staffing requirements.
  2. Managers want a complete staff ready to hit the ground running at the first of the New Year. 
  3. Some companies have fiscal years that coincide with the calendar year.  If they don’t fill their staff, they could lose the position.
  4. Headhunters are motivated to get their bonuses.  Positions that they haven’t been working on will suddenly become their number 1 priority.

No one is around so getting an interview is difficult.          

Part of that is true. 

Not everyone is in every day.  So setting up an interview is difficult. You may have to go in several times and/or at odd times to accommodate their schedules.  But flexibility on your part could get you the job instead of someone who only wants a perfect interview schedule.

People aren’t available during the holidays.  

Again only partially true.

  1. The company still has to conduct business.  So people are around.  The good news is that the gatekeeper may not be around. Resulting in the hiring manager may answer their own phone or a temp worker who doesn’t know the policies may put your call through.
  2. Trade shows are over, out-of-town traveling is over, and the people you want to see may be available.
  3. Mangers are tying up loose ends before the end of the year, and they are reviewing plans for the New Year. 

The best thing you can do is take advantage of the fact that many people believe these myths and stop their job search.  So while your competition is taking the holiday off, stay on course, be flexible and don’t give up.  You will have a job in the New Year while the others are dusting off their resumes.


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