Creative Non-Retail Seasonal Jobs That Bring In Cash

Use your skills and interests to make holiday cash.

Use your skills and interests to make holiday cash.

It’s that time again – the holiday season. For some job searchers, it means time off from the job search (a topic for another post to come). But the wisest job searchers know that the holiday season is just as good as any other time to be successful in the job search.

The most common seasonal jobs are retail jobs. However, if retail doesn’t interest you, there are plenty of other choices. Here are some common and unique seasonal jobs.

1. Mall Santa—If you like children, then this is for you. Some children will love you; others will fear you. A little research on what children ask for today goes a long way in helping you to connect with the children.

2. DJ—Many people and companies give holiday parties. Whether in private homes, restaurants, or function halls, no holiday party is complete without lively seasonal music. People who DJ for a living are booked months in advance, so the jobs you get may come with little notice. Digital music requires less equipment than vinyl records. Load your computer with your music, borrow or buy used speakers, and you are set to go.

3. Catering/Wait Staff—If you can cook what people like and it’s delicious, you can make money. Can’t cook but you can serve food and help clean up. You also have a job. Check with several catering companies and give your name for seasonal help, or spread the word among friends and family.

4. Electronic Whiz—If you know your way around a computer or tablet, or can set up a flat screen TV with surround sound, you will be in demand after people receive these coveted gifts. Often people buy these gifts for people who have no idea how to set up or use them. Let friends and family know that you can set up or teach how to use electronic gifts, and ask them to spread the word.

5. Temporary Office Worker—Employees using up their vacation time leave a hole in the department staff. Some companies hire temporary workers to fill the gaps. Use this opportunity to shine and show the manager the value you bring to the company. They may not want to let you go and may be able to find a spot for you.

6. Personal Assistant—Some people are too busy for the holidays. They need someone to shop for them, wrap gifts, write holiday cards, organize private parties, or run errands. You can do these tasks for them. It’s a terrific way to show people who have connections what a talented worker you are.

7. Photographer—If you have a camera and patience, you could photograph pets and children. A little imagination for unique shots and patience with fidgety children and finicky pets will bring you many opportunities to network with others.

8. Holiday Decorator—Decorate homes either indoors or outdoors. People pay other people to put up their decorations and take them down after the holiday season. When you talk to one client, ask if their neighbors would be interested in your services.

These are only a few of the things you can do to make some money over the holidays. With a little imagination, you can think of what you can do for others. You will be making money and networking at the same time.
How can I help you in your job search?


How can I help you in your job search?


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  1. Bill Knegendorf's Gravatar Bill Knegendorf
    November 21, 2014 - 6:52 pm | Permalink

    Arleen, You wrote 25 words that should not be thought of merely as seasonal, holiday focused, or event driven. Those two sentences are the foundation for every good career strategy ever created. They are at the same time inspiring and challenging the reader to admit there is a way. You gave us a few phrases every frustrated worker should read at the end of every day:

    “With a little imagination, you can think of what you can do for others.
    You will be making money and networking at the same time.”

    Thank you, Bill

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