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Using the latest and greatest method to land your next job.

In my last post, I explained what Pinterest is.  The purpose of this post is to show you how you to use Pinterest in your job search.  It can be used to make people aware of your skills and experience in a way that stands out from everyone else using traditional resumes.  And it shows […]

Here it is the next latest and greatest job search tool: Pinterest

If you think Pinterest is only good for finding recipes and crafts, think again.  This blog and the next two will feature Pinterest for job searching.  First I will tell you what Pinterest is, then how to job search on it and finally, what employers and recruiters think of Pinterest for the job search.  It’s […]

The Infographic Resume: The latest and greatest or a flash in the pan?

Getting your resume read and put into the short pile is difficult.  With so many resumes arriving for each and every job posting, job searchers are struggling to find ways to stand out.  Short of spelling out your resume in pepperoni on a pizza, what’s a job searcher to do? There are so many ways […]