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Are You Using This Social Media for Your Job Search?

  Most of every job searcher has heard of LinkedIn for their job search and are using it quite well.  There are some job searchers taking advantage of Twitter to find information about companies and openings as soon as the information hits the web.  Very few are using Facebook for their job search because they […]

Can You Answer These Questions About Job Searching?

Today job searching is a job.  You need to know what to do for success.  But do you know why they are important?  Here are a few questions and answers to help you on your search.  What is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? Why do you need to be on Social Media? Why is Networking […]

The Biggest Mistakes Job Searchers Make

Some job searchers fail to move out of their comfort zone when looking for jobs.  This failure is killing their success.  The job search people undertake today is remarkably different from when they were looking for their first job.  For one thing,  they aren’t typing their résumé on typewriters.  And that’s only the beginning.  In […]

One Really Good Tip to End Your Job Search Now: Always Be Ready

One of the best ways to get hired is to be professional in all that you do.  You never know when you will meet someone that wills open doors for you.  Be at your best at all times.   Whether it’s waiting in line at the bank or cheering for your favorite ball team, it’s beneficial […]

Pinterest can help your job search.

In my last two posts, I talked about what is Pinterest and how to use it for your search.  This post is about what employers are doing with Pinterest for recruiting.  I have looked at various boards and read articles.  The results of my research suggest that Pinterest is best used by job searchers for […]