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Surviving Unemployment: Job Loss Grief Part II

In the play Annie, a small orphan longs for the day when all will be well.  Each day Annie looks forward to tomorrow when the sun will shine.  She doesn’t get discouraged because tomorrow is only a day away.  The unemployed also look to tomorrow when things will be well—they will be working.  However like […]

Surviving Unemployment: Job Loss Grief Part I

This weekend our nation will be remembering the events of 9/11.  That is the day the United States no longer took safety for granted.  However there are many such dates in the lives of the unemployed.  For them the date is the one they no longer took the safety of their job for granted.  They […]

Surviving Unemployment: Weathering the storm of unplanned change.

The other day my part of the country  experienced the remnants of Hurricane Irene. The winds were strong and the rain was heavy. In the few days prior, the thoughts of many people had been on how to survive the hurricane and its’ aftermath. They had stocked up on water and non-perishable food. Anything unsecured […]