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Let go and get a job.

When my daughter was young say around 3, she would always say she was a big girl.  She still played with toys appropriate to her age.  At around 9 she honestly thought she was a big girl; she wanted to dress and act older.  She would have preferred makeup and the like instead of toys.  […]

Job Loss Grief: The Unknown and Unacknowledged Emotion

You have either been laid off, downsized, right-sided, made redundant, let go, or whatever they called it, and you feel a wide range of emotions.  Or maybe you don’t feel anything at all at the moment.  All you know is you are now experiencing an unplanned change.  Everything you thought about yourself, your job and […]

Intuitive Personal Assessment “A Career Self-Assessment Tool”

This blog is written by my friend Paul Rega.  He is the author of an exciting new book titled, “How To Find A Job When There Are No Jobs”.  In this blog, Paul writes about the Intuitive Personal Assessment which I endorse for anyone looking for a career whether you are a high school or […]

Grief is grief whether you lose a loved one or a job.

In the last few months, I have been talking about Job Loss Grief and the grief you feel when you lose a loved one.  Right now I am experiencing grief over the death of my father.  And I can tell you, I am numb. As in job loss grief the first stage is shock/denial.  The […]

Meet a friend of mine, an author with a great book.

Paul Rega is president of a retained executive search firm and a professional recruiter with over twenty-seven years of job hunting and career planning experience. His provocative new book, How To Find A Job: When There Are No Jobs strikes a nerve with millions of displaced workers and goes well beyond the principles of job […]